De Stille Kracht B.V.

De Stille Kracht (DSK) spray-cools liquid high-grade fats and emulsifiers into various solid forms.


K&B Food Industries B.V.

K&B Food focuses on the mixing and repackaging of various powdered raw materials for the food industry.


Kayim Research B.V.

Kayim Research is engaged in developing new products, as well as optimizing existing products.


Only the
best quality is good enough

The Kayim Group is a family business. The company has been focused on innovation and development since it began in 1946. The demands and needs of the market are central to its goals. That is why we believe in challenges and solutions. This approach ensures that both small and large, internationally-known companies maintain a lasting relationship with Kayim Group.
The Kayim Group is the umbrella organisation for DSK BV, K & B Food Industries BV, Kayim Specialties and Kayim Research. All these companies use innovative techniques for developing the desired (semi) finished product. Because only the best quality is good enough.up